Caleb Madrigal

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About Me

Me at central park


I'm a Security Software Engineer based out of Milwaukee, WI. My most recent development has been in: Python, C, Javascript/Node.js/Lodash.

On the side, I've been hacking around with Software-Defined Radio and IoT stuff recently.

I also occasionally speak at software conferences like OSCON, Cyphercon, and Barcamp.

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I am first a believer in something more than meets the eye. I believe that the beauty we see and feel around us points to a transcendental spiritual nature. I believe that love is more than a feeling (pun intended). I am a romantic, a spiritualist, and a Christian.

I’ve been trying to convey some of these feelings recently through poetry.

I am a husband and father. I love playing ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and occasionally, snowboarding.