Caleb Madrigal

Programming, Hacking, Math, and Art


About Me

Since this blog is mostly software-focused, I'll focus on software first. I've been writing software for over 20 years. I specialize in math-intensive software, such as machine learning/AI, radio hacking, and doing art with math.

I've spoken at a good number of hacker conferences, such as: DEF CON, Thotcon, Cyphercon, Deep Sec, and OSCON.

My brother and I run a consulting company called Mad Consuting. We specialize in:

  • 1) helping companies use machine learning
  • 2) mobile apps - we wrote our own app platform which we've used to launch a couple apps
  • 3) custom software - with a focus on math-intensive and cybersecurity-related applications.

Feel free to reach out if you've got a project you think we could help on.

One of the things I do for fun is algorithmic art - it's basically like acrylic pour paintings, except with equations and algorithms instead of paint. My art website is

I believe in the God of Love. I believe in asking hard questions and pursuing the answers fearlessly. I am. <3

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