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DNS Tunneling with Iodine

DNS Tunneling can be useful for getting out of a very restrictive corporate firewall (since almost nobody blocks DNS).

DNS Tunneling works by encoding IP protocol inside of DNS packets. Iodine is a cross-platform implementation of DNS Tunneling. This mini-guide will walk through the process of setting up a DNS Tunnel with Iodine.

Prerequisite: You will need a server with public IP and domain name

Setup DNS Tunnel

Setup DNS Records

Add 2 DNS records to your domain's DNS system:

* `A record`: tunnelhost -> your ip (maps to your server's ip)
* `NS record`: tunnel ->


DNS Setup

So now for me:

* `` now points to ``
* `` now points to ``
    - **This is the ...

How to SSH Tunnel

When to use an SSH Tunnel?

An SSH Tunnel is perfect for the following scenarios:

  • You want to get to a website that a corporate network is blocking.
  • You want to encrypt the network traffic for a non-encrypted protocol.

What is an SSH Tunnel?

An SSH Tunnel is where you tell your local SSH Client to forward your local computer's traffic to a specified SSH Server (over the encrypted SSH protocol). The SSH Server will then act as a proxy for all requests you make on your local computer.

SSH Tunnel

How to set up an SSH Tunnel

There are 2 steps to set up an SSH Tunnel, and they both happen on your local computer (no configuration is needed on the SSH server which will be acting as ...