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NodeJS on Heroku

I've recently tried both Heroku and Node.js for the first time. Both are very simple, and work very nicely together. This is a quick guide to deploying a Node.js app to Heroku. To make it simple, I'll walk through deploying a Node.js sample project I created. It is a very simple message board.

Here are the steps to getting this simple app up and running on Heroku...

Get Heroku account

  • Go to Heroku, and click Sign Up
  • Download and install the Heroku Toolbeld for your operating system (which gives you the heroku command in your terminal)
  • Open your terminal and run heroku login, and enter your heroku credentials and the prompts

Deploy your app to heroku

In your terminal, do the following:

  • git clone
    • Clone the sample message board app
  • cd expressjs-messageboard
    • It is important to be in the top-level directory of the repository
  • heroku apps:create expressjs-messageboard
    • Adds a git remote for heroku
    • At this point, you should be able to see the app listed in your Heroku dashboard
  • git push heroku master
    • Pushes your repo out to heroku, which causes heroku to deploy your app
  • heroku ps:scale web=1
    • Ensures that at least 1 "dyno" is allocated to the app

Bask in the glory

  • heroku open
    • Attempts to open your app in a browser window