Caleb Madrigal

Programming, Hacking, Math, and Art


The right side of my mind

Oft on cold and starry nights,
He raises arms, and the battle fights.
And storms the castle of my mind,
Removing from the throne my logical side.

And having the ship commandeered,
Into the stormy winds he steers,
And brings us into crashing waves -
Deep oceans are within his gaze.

And rejoicing on the captain's deck,
Tiring of appointments to respect,
He does not care if we should wreck
But only in beauty does he invest.

Careless and wild - this side of mine.
Roaring through life, not glancing behind
"Behold! the sails are filled with wind!
Onward towards the moon again!"
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/10/2014
  • Inspiration: What it feels like when my right-brain takes control. Often, starry nights and moonlight provoke me.