Caleb Madrigal

Programming, Hacking, Math, and Art


To answer the trees

I had to leave -
     [or was it "flee"?]

I felt entrapped by the drywall office halls
     [unable to breathe]
The sanitized artwork hanging in the pale florescent haze 
     reminded me what art should not be - 
          [what life should not be]

I hate the straight lines in man-made buildings
     that make everything feel so...concrete,
          [so unbending]
But I love the trees with their curvy lines that say,
     "reality can bend -
          come bend with us."

So that's why I am here - 
     [to answer the trees]
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/17/2015

This picture by Melissa Vincent was part of the inspiration for this poem: Melted Nights by Melissa Vincent