Caleb Madrigal

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Falling alive

Falling alive
Undoing sleep
I awake
At the top of a peak
About to drop straight
Down the wooden track.

And all I can do
Is go with the flow
"You can't fight gravity,
So down you will go!"

And I guess it's not bad
Since falling is life.
We're all racing down
But it makes us alive.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/20/2015

To answer the trees

I had to leave -
     [or was it "flee"?]

I felt entrapped by the drywall office halls
     [unable to breathe]
The sanitized artwork hanging in the pale florescent haze 
     reminded me what art should not be - 
          [what life should not be]

I hate the straight lines in man-made buildings
     that make everything feel so...concrete,
          [so unbending]
But I love the trees with their curvy lines that say,
     "reality can bend -
          come bend with us."

So that's why I am here - 
     [to answer the trees]
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/17/2015

This picture by Melissa Vincent was part of the inspiration for this poem: Melted Nights by Melissa Vincent

I cry to the night

I cry to the night
To the one in the sky
My echoes fly
With the birds on high.

My soul is one
With the trees and the sun
For we are all sung
From the same divine lung.

And He is near
And the whisper is clear
"My love, my dear
I am with you here."
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 5/18/2014
  • Inspiration: Sometimes, when I’m praying outside, I feel enfolded by nature - by God.

Together we will live forever

"We all must die."
"That's beautiful!", she cried.

But for now I will hold you in my embrace
Though fleeting be this time and place.

Fear not my love, there is more!
Just wait till we reach that other shore.

Beauty will become us - you and I,
And "together we will live forever" in the sky.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 4/14/2014
  • Inspiration: Clint Mansell's "Together We Will Live Forever", Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain", The Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize?". Every person you know will die. So let's not waste our life - let's live to the fullest, and hope for what is to come.

Ali Jardine ocean sky

Art begets art

Art begets art
Hate begets hate
Love begets love
Grace begets grace.

Before we depart
We do place
A lasting mark
On others' fate.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/18/2014
  • Inspiration: I've found that taking in good art makes me want to write.
  • Note: This isn't so much a poem as a truth put into a rhythmic format. It's a bit too "teachy" to be real poetry, in my opinion. Real poetry should not try to teach directly, but rather, should convey feelings (which may indirectly teach something).


I feel gray
Cannot stay
In this daze.

Even pain - 
Let it rain!
but this haze.

I need light
Or even night.
These gray skies
Glaze my eyes.

Must awaken
To elation.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/17/2014
  • Inspiration: I was in a gray mood today, and when I looked outside and saw the gray skies, I thought, “the weather matches my mood… or does my mood match the weather?” I didn’t feel like staying in this gray mood.

On the words of a song

Carried along 
On the words of a song,
We let ourselves go
In the waves as they roll.

This ebb and flow
Entraps our souls.
Enraptured so,
As our feelings grow.

And into this torrent,
Reason forfeit,
Our hearts implore us
To join the chorus.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/10/2014
  • Inspiration: Music is universal. We enjoy it; we cannot help ourselves. And we want to join with it.

The deep ocean skies

Stay away! Stay away!
Keep away from the bay!
You know that at night,
Will in come the tide,
Sweeping out the mind
That is near the seaside.

And into this sky
You'll sink and you'll fly,
Fish floating by,
Enchanting your eyes,
No more to rise
From the deep ocean skies.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/10/2014
  • Inspiration: Sometimes, when I need to get work done, I have to stay away from things which will get me into an artistic, or I'll be swept up in it for hours.

I think Ali Jardine was going for the same idea in this beautiful picture:

Ali Jardine ocean sky

The right side of my mind

Oft on cold and starry nights,
He raises arms, and the battle fights.
And storms the castle of my mind,
Removing from the throne my logical side.

And having the ship commandeered,
Into the stormy winds he steers,
And brings us into crashing waves -
Deep oceans are within his gaze.

And rejoicing on the captain's deck,
Tiring of appointments to respect,
He does not care if we should wreck
But only in beauty does he invest.

Careless and wild - this side of mine.
Roaring through life, not glancing behind
"Behold! the sails are filled with wind!
Onward towards the moon again!"
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/10/2014
  • Inspiration: What it feels like when my right-brain takes control. Often, starry nights and moonlight provoke me.

The stars as they shine

The stars as they shine
Will begin to divide
And in the sky
The Morning’s alive
Which never will die,
And then we ride
To eternal life
And to find our time
Was not lived a lie,
And to meet His smile
And to see His face
To bask in His grace
And to in love, embrace.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/9/2014
  • Inspiration: Riding on a bus, looking at the beautiful sky, and thinking about meeting God.

That romantic flow

Life is beautiful
I feel it inside
But how can I express
The inner mind?
I suppose I can try
Let’s take a ride…

Heart overflowing
No need to hide
Love is a real thing
And there’s a spiritual side.

There is magic
Hidden from our eyes
Yet felt with the soul
That romantic flow.

And to this goal
I continue to stroll
Seeking that beacon
My spirit to strengthen.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/9/2014
  • Inspiration: Looking at the sunrise in Chicago over the lake, after a night casually dressed and deep in conversation.

Passion not spent

What's my great fear?
I'll tell you; come near.
To lay down in death
with so much left.

Passion not spent -
Oh cowardly regret!
For fear of others?
The thousand deaths.

I'm afraid to die
With no twinkle in my eye
To pass meagerly by
Yet hidden inside.     

To walk through life
Not truly alive
And to pass in the night
With an unfelt "goodbye".
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/7/2014
  • Inspiration: An explanation of why living from my heart is so important to me.

A flip of her eyes

A flip of her eyes - eruption of mind
She sends me a smile - god I'm alive
Sensation of body - her's against mine
Can this not be forever? Oh curse of time!
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/5/2014
  • Inspiration: My wife :)

Experiencing fully the beautiful present

He views the world through an unfiltered mind -
No defenses built up, layers over time.
He sees it in all its shining brilliance
Experiencing fully the beautiful present.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/4/2014
  • Inspiration: Rafe (my son) - when I look at his eyes, it looks like he is just driniking everything in.

Words are a song

Words are a song, and I drink them in
And drunken, fall from the parapet -
Into the heart and out of the mind,
And swim in the shimmering ocean inside.
  • Author: Caleb Madrigal
  • Date written: 3/3/2014
  • Inspiration: Molly Bloom's Soliloquy (James Joyce), Yayo (Lana Del Rey)

Poetic Mood

In the last week or so (starting Monday, March 3, 2014) I've been in a very poetic mood. It has been so interesting - it was light a light switch flipping on. I haven't been sitting down and trying to write poetry, they've just been coming to me. Often, as soon as one ends, another begins. It has been so pleasurable. I hope people enjoy them, but even if they don't, it has been so worth it to me!